For those that prefer to do it themselves from seeds - Ours are hardy, breed to type and are feminized for efficient crop production. Seeds may develop more robust root systems earlier and do better in less supportive environments


Clones are from meristems, the growing tips, of a specific mother plant chosen for it's superior characteristics. We grow our clones with patented equipment that insures robust roots and dense growth. This is not easy. Although we usually have clones on hand, you might prefer to order clones in advance so as to secure a particular mother plant and prepare meristems. It's like subscription farming.


These are juvenile plants of specific cultivars that are well rooted and ready to put on vegetative growth. They've been transplanted to soil-in-containers in preparation for growing into larger containers or into prepared ground.

Dried Flowers

These are the dried, trimmed and cured buds, consumed as medicine by inhaling the smoke from burning. Duh. Reality is, a lot can go wrong between harvest and delivery if you don't know what you're doing. We do.


These are the concentrations, oils, waxes, topical creams, food additives and other preparations designed to concentrate the medicine for consumption via smoking, eating, drinking or applying to the skin. Very sorry, but we're not providing these products at this time. Stay tuned.

Equipment, Classes and Consultation

We also contract to teach farming, site building, processing, equipment use, integrated pest control, permits/politics, solar power management, packaging and storage. Yeah, sure.