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SLO Growers Direct handles every step of your medicine from seed or clone to properly preserved and cured flowers. This means that we control all apsects of it's lineage, culture fruition and harvest.

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SLO Growers Direct is a partnership of caring and qualified people that deliver medicine to qualified users controlling all aspects of production, processing, storing and distribution from the first leaf to the delivery of the medicine. This allows us to be certain of the quality, origin and processing that goes into our products.

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If you're growing for yourself, this is often the first step. Seeds should be purchased from a trusted source, with known effects and 'feminized' to be all female when they mature. Seeds are thought to create better root systems, and may be more successful in environments requiring hardy plants. Clones are the growing tips from a 'mother plant', that are cut off and induced to begin a root system. All clones from a mother plant will have the exact same genes, so crops may be more consistent.
Some times growers would rather leave the critical first several weeks of a plant's life to experts and purchase juveniles or 'starts', like you see tomatos in nurseries in the Spring. Juveniles are potted in soil, have well developed root systems and are ready to put on serious biomass.
These are the traditional harvested, dried, cured and packaged medicines bagged by weight from the flowers of the plant. Care should be taken to protect the fragile buds from damage and degradation from impact, light, heat and moisture. store in the dark in airtight containers such as glass jars.